Licensed and Insured Stump Grinding

While tree removal services are an effective way to remove unwanted trees from your property, typically, tree removal consists of cutting the tree down at the base of its stump as close to the ground as possible. No matter how close to the ground an arborist gets, inevitably you will be left with visible traces of the stump and roots protruding from the ground.

At Orr’s Tree Service, we offer additional stump grinding services to completely remove your tree stump and roots for a smooth surface leaving no visible remnants of the former tree. Whether or not we took down the original tree or you have a bare stump left in your yard from another tree removal company, our licensed and insured tree crew is available to grind your stump down and remove the debris. The result? More usable space added to your landscape.

Benefits of Stump Grinding by Orr’s Tree Service

Eliminate Hazardous Fungi – Fungus and mold thrive on wet wood. Leaving stumps exposed to the elements provides the necessary environment for fungus to grow and spread in your yard.

Reduce Insects and Backyard Pests – Mosquitos, ticks, and other pests breed in different parts of your landscape including dead trees and stumps. Removing stumps from your property will reduce the breeding grounds available to lawn pests on your property.

Limit New Tree Growth – If you’ve paid to have a tree removed on your property, chances are you don’t want a new tree to grow back in the same spot. Leaving tree stumps in your yard will give a chance for new growth to come off the remaining stump. Grinding the stump down for complete stump removal will eliminate the potential issue of new tree growth from where the old tree had been removed.

Avoid Sinkholes – While a freshly cut tree stump may look like an interesting landscape decoration or act as a nice stand for a pot of flowers in the corner of your yard, the fact is that over time it will start to rot and decay. While it goes through this process and creates a space for the insects and fungi mentioned above, eventually the decay will move to the roots and may lead to a sinkhole in your yard that needs to be filled in.

The professional staff at Orr’s Tree Service has the right equipment, technique, and experience to complete your stump grinding job and leave your property in a clean and orderly fashion.

“I had several very old and very tall trees to be removed. I wasn’t sure my budget could afford tree removal and stump grinding. However, when the price was stated, it included both at a reasonable price. The work was scheduled. Guys showed up on time and brought a couple of big trucks. Very organized. I’ve used Orr’s several times for tree work — and once to clear a wooded area on the property for converting to a lawn. I have recommended them to family in the area and I would use them again.” –J.S, Lincoln Park, NJ

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