Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Northern New Jersey

Even the healthiest trees benefit from occasional tree trimming and pruning services. The knowledgeable and certified tree specialists at Orr’s Tree Service in Towaco, NJ, care for healthy trees and bring struggling trees back to life with careful and tasteful tree trimming services. Our services provide a variety of benefits including:

Overall Tree Health – proper pruning and trimming improves the health and extends the life of your trees
Enhance Your Outdoor View – whether it’s the view from your bedroom window or from a chair in your backyard, tasteful trimming can open up views overtaken by tree growth
Give a Tree Room to Stretch and Grow – thinning of tree branches will lighten up the foliage without any major change to the overall shape. This provides more space to stretch out its branches for healthy growing
Clear Out the Base – skirting removes lower limbs at the base of the trunk allowing for more space around the tree and easier access to landscaping at the trunk
Get That Certain Look – shaping can attain a certain look for a tree in your yard
Let the Light Shine – crown reduction thins out the top of the tree, letting in more light to shine down on your property below

Our pruning and trimming services are offered at affordable rates. With the best tree trimming equipment in our fleet, we can assure you that we will be able to access any part of your trees that need trimming without damaging your property or trees. We take the utmost care at every job and guarantee a thorough cleanup. We leave no tree or limb debris behind with the exception of a little sawdust.

“I have used Orr’s Tree Service for many years and have always found them to be very professional and did a great job whether it was removing trees or trimming existing trees.” – K.G., Boonton, NJ

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