Tree and Shrub Fertilization Services

Many property owners don’t consider the need to provide trees with fertilizer. Trees grow fine on their own, don’t they? To an extent, they do.

The big difference between trees in your yard or on your commercial property versus trees that grow in the forest is that trees in the forest receive a steady supply of nutrients and fertilization from the constant decaying leaves and other parts of nature that exist around them in the forest. At your home or business, you spend the spring and fall cleaning up those types of nutrients before they have a chance to decompose for the benefit of the trees. Soil types differ as well and the soil on your property may not have the proper balance to cultivate healthy trees.

The licensed and certified arborists at Orr’s Tree Service can examine the health of your trees and help you understand which trees on your property would benefit from fertilization. Many factors need to be considered when feeding trees including the type of soil in your yard, how much water the trees receive, and the type and current condition of the tree. Similar to grass, trees can benefit from early spring as well as late fall fertilization. Our tree experts can go over the different types of options to bring your trees to their healthiest.

Our most common fertilizer applications include:

• Granular Shrub Bed Fertilizing • Deep Root Injection Fertilizing

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