Certified Pesticide Application in Northern New Jersey

Orr’s Tree Service has been providing safe and effective tick, mosquito, and insect control to help protect trees, shrubs, and lawns since 1974. Using environmentally-friendly practices, we can get rid of ticks, mosquitoes and other backyard pests so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors when the weather is the best.

Mosquitoes and ticks carry and spread dangerous and potentially hazardous diseases that can infect your family and pets. Additionally, insects feed off the leaves on your trees, shrubs, and grass causing devastating effects that can lead to long-term damage. Don’t let the nuisance of backyard pests keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Get help from the New Jersey state-certified pesticide applicators at Orr’s Tree Service.

• Insect & Disease Diagnostics
• Monthly Shrub Monitoring
• Root Flare Applications
• Fungicide Applications
• Soil Sample Analysis
• Systemic Injections
• Foliar Applications
• Tick Suppression
• Soil Injections
• Soil Soakings

Family-owned and operated Orr’s Tree Service has a number of pesticide application options to treat various insects and pests. Call today for a FREE estimate.

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